Missione 17/04/2023 Oca Strike

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Missione 17/04/2023 Oca Strike

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NATO airstrikes along the coast have severely degraded REDFOR IADS and the airspace is now
contested. With the loss of air superiority, REDFOR CAS flights have been all but grounded; Georgian
forces have seized the opportunity to push west.

With the southern coastal defences degraded, NATO air wings now have a clear path to MAYKOP
airbase, home of a significant number of REDFOR bombers.

It’s time to strike back.


NATO strike craft will attack REDFOR bombers stationed at MAYKOP airbase.

SEAD flights will suppress MAYKOP SA-10 air defences in advance of the strike package.


UZI 1 (2 x F-14B, Player flight) will proceed to marshall (WP1) and await push
time of 16:14 (local time). Once cleared to push, UZI will ingress to MAYKOP airbase (WP2) and strike
REDFOR attack craft stationed at the airbase.


SPRINGFIELD 1 & 2 (4 x F/A-18s) will engage SA-10 site defending MAYKOP airbase.

FOCUS (E-2D AWACS) will command the mission.

ARCO & SHELL (2 x S-3B Tanker) are on station for refuelling if required (ARCO - TCN 39X A/A,
SHELL - TCN 40X A/A, 264.000 MHz AM / radio preset 3)


Take-off and landing will be from the carrier.

- BRC 132
- TCN 74X
- ICLS 11
- CHN 265.000 MHz AM / radio preset 4

Uzi will launch from Cats 1 & 2. Divert airfield will be KUTAISI airbase (Waypoint : FIXED POINT).


Primary threat to the mission will be the SA-10 site defending MAYKOP airbase. UZI flight is to avoid
the engagement zone until SPRINGFIELD suppresses the SA-10 site.

A limited MiG-23 wing is possibly stationed at MAYKOP. MiG-23 and MiG-25 squadrons are confirmed
to be stationed at VODY and KRASNODAR airbases, within range of MAYKOP. Fighters are likely to
scramble and intercept the strike package within minutes - UZI flight is to strike fast and egress.