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Missione 17/04/2023 Oca Strike

Inviato: lun apr 17, 2023 3:03 pm
da Tcknight
NATO airstrikes along the coast have severely degraded REDFOR IADS and the airspace is now
contested. With the loss of air superiority, REDFOR CAS flights have been all but grounded; Georgian
forces have seized the opportunity to push west.

With the southern coastal defences degraded, NATO air wings now have a clear path to MAYKOP
airbase, home of a significant number of REDFOR bombers.

It’s time to strike back.


NATO strike craft will attack REDFOR bombers stationed at MAYKOP airbase.

SEAD flights will suppress MAYKOP SA-10 air defences in advance of the strike package.


UZI 1 (2 x F-14B, Player flight) will proceed to marshall (WP1) and await push
time of 16:14 (local time). Once cleared to push, UZI will ingress to MAYKOP airbase (WP2) and strike
REDFOR attack craft stationed at the airbase.


SPRINGFIELD 1 & 2 (4 x F/A-18s) will engage SA-10 site defending MAYKOP airbase.

FOCUS (E-2D AWACS) will command the mission.

ARCO & SHELL (2 x S-3B Tanker) are on station for refuelling if required (ARCO - TCN 39X A/A,
SHELL - TCN 40X A/A, 264.000 MHz AM / radio preset 3)


Take-off and landing will be from the carrier.

- BRC 132
- TCN 74X
- ICLS 11
- CHN 265.000 MHz AM / radio preset 4

Uzi will launch from Cats 1 & 2. Divert airfield will be KUTAISI airbase (Waypoint : FIXED POINT).


Primary threat to the mission will be the SA-10 site defending MAYKOP airbase. UZI flight is to avoid
the engagement zone until SPRINGFIELD suppresses the SA-10 site.

A limited MiG-23 wing is possibly stationed at MAYKOP. MiG-23 and MiG-25 squadrons are confirmed
to be stationed at VODY and KRASNODAR airbases, within range of MAYKOP. Fighters are likely to
scramble and intercept the strike package within minutes - UZI flight is to strike fast and egress.